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Stone Arch Bridge Day Tours

Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to walk down slopes to see the arches of the bridges. You may also want to pack a picnic lunch or snacks.
Points of origin are to assist you if you want to plan a partial tour.

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Bridges of Butler County researched, compiled and edited by Carl and Betty Henn with the help of Harry Barr, for the use of the Butler County Historical Society and its patrons. Condensed for Tour Butler County, Inc., May, 2008.

Stone Arch Bridges of Butler County

Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to walk down slopes to see the arches of the bridges. You may also want to pack a picnic lunch or snacks.

Stone Arch Bridges of Butler County

Point of Origin: El Dorado - Corner of W. Central and Haverhill Rd.

Bridge #1 - SW 60th St.
Proceed south on SW Haverhill Rd, to SW 60th St., turn east (left) and go approximately one mile. This is one of two double arch bridges left in Butler County. Built in 1912 by C.C. Jamison. Arches are 20 and 30.

Bridge #2 - SW 70th St.
Continue east on SW 60th to SW Walnut Valley Rd. Turn south (right) on SW Walnut Valley Rd. to SW 70th St. (next crossroads) and turn west (right). Bridge is approximately 1 mile. 25 arch built in 1897 by A. Metheny. Continue west on SW 70th St. until you reach SW Ohio Rd. (second blacktop road) approximately 5 miles.
Point of Origin: Augusta - SW Ohio Rd and 70th (N. of Augusta)

Bridge #3 - SW Diamond Rd.
Begin or continue west on 70th St. approximately 3 miles to SW Diamond Rd. Turn south (left). Continue on SW Diamond Rd approximately 1 1/2 miles to Bridge. 37' arch, built in 1900.

Bridge #4 - SW 90th St.
Continue south on SW Diamond Rd. to SW 90th St. Turn east (left) about 1/2 mile to bridge. 36' arch, built in 1899 by Walter Sharp.

Bridge #5 - 230th St.
Continue on SW 90th St. to SW River Valley Rd. (next intersection), turn south (right) at old Lily Lake School and continue to Highway 54, approximately 1 mile. Turn west (right) on Highway 54 and continue approximately 7 miles to Andover Rd.

Points of Origin: Andover Rd. and Hwy 54 or Rose Hill and Rose Hill Rd.
Travel south on Andover/Rose Hill Rd/SW Butler Rd. continuing through Rose Hill to SW 230th ST. Turn east (left) and continue 1 1/2 miles to Polecat Creek Bridge. 34' arch, built in 1910 by C.C. Jamison. Only stone arch bridge on Historical Register in Butler County.

Bridge #6 - SW 200 St.
Continue east on SW 230th St. to Meadowlark Rd., 1/2 mile, turn north (left) to SW 210th St. (blacktop), turn east (right) and continue into Douglass, KS (approximately 5 miles). Turn north (left) on Highway 77 to 200th St. (1 mile) turn east (right). Continue approximately 3 1/2 miles to the bridge. This bridge is a double arch reinforced concrete, listed on the National Register.

Bridge #7 - SE Gray Rd. off Hwy 400
Continue east on SE 200th St. to Cheyenne Rd. (approximately 1/2 mile) turn south (right) to go back to SE 210th St. Turn east (left) and continue to Haverhill Rd., turn north (left) on Haverhill Rd. and continue north to 54/400 Hwy. Turn east (right) on 54/400 Hwy.

Point of Origin: Augusta - Hwy 54/400 and Haverhill Rd
Traveling east on Hwy 54/400 continue to SE Gray Rd. (on top of railroad overpass and only goes north.) Turn north (left) and drive around stockpile of gravel to the south and approach railroad bridge. Old Frisco Railroad art deco reinforced concrete and metal. Built in 1935.

Bridge #8 - SE Summit Rd.
Return to Highway 400 and turn east (left) and continue to Beaumont. Turn south (right) and go through Beaumont turning right at the water tower and continuing around the curves to 135th. Turn west (right) to SE Summit. Turn north (right) and bridge is a short distance. Return to Hwy 400 on the roads you came down. Turn west (left) on Hwy 400 to next bridge.

Bridge #9 - SE Satchel Creek Rd.
On Highway 400 turn south (left) on Stony Creek Rd. Follow the road into the town of Latham. Turn west (right) on SE 200th St. and follow blacktop to SE Satchel Creek Rd. (cemetery on west side of intersection). Turn south (left) to bridge. 30' arch, built in 1901 by Walter Sharp.

Bridge #10 - SE 140th and SE Ellis Rd. intersection
Return to SE 200th St. and turn west (left). Follow SE 200th St. It will bend and curve around and is about 7 miles to SE Cole Creek Rd. (You will be on SE 210th St. when you reach SE Cole Creek Rd. because of the twisting and turning). Turn north (right) and continue north to SE 140th St. (approximately 7 miles). Turn east (right) on SE 140th St. to SE Ellis Rd. Bridge is right of intersection. 40' arch, built in 1905. (Note arched roadway.)

If only visiting #10. Point of Origin: Hwy 400 west of Leon
Traveling east on Hwy 400, just south of Leon, turn south (right) on SE Chelsea Rd. (becomes SE Cole Creek Rd). Continue on SE Chelsea/Cole Creek Rd to SE 140th; turn left on SE 140th to SE Ellis Rd. After viewing Bridge #10, return on 140th to SE Cole Creek/Chelsea Rd. turn right to Hwy 400 and return home.

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